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Al Hira Resources Sdn. Bhd. (AL HIRA) was incorporated on 3 August 2013. Appointed by His Highness Lord Kamal Ashnawi (HH LKA) as Nominated Investment Company (NIC) and representative of HH LKA to manage HH LKA investment in Malaysia.

AL HIRA GROUP (AHIL & AL HIRA) is a Global Fund Management, Investment Financing and
Project Funding firm that manages investments across multiple assets categories with
headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with operatives offices in major capital cities in this region.

AL HIRA GROUP (AHIL & AL HIRA) is a Global Fund Management, Investment Funding and Project Funding firm that manages investments across multiple assets categories with headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with operatives offices in major capital cities in this region.

We play an important role in promoting investment opportunities to Project Owner through expert financial capacity and engineering partner. We provide a comprehensive range of investment products and services including Funds, Financial Management Portfolio and Project Management Advisory, among others.

Founder Background

His Highness Lord Kamal Ashnawi (HH LKA) man of multi-discipline in business world including Finance and Investment, Industrialist and Creator of Mega Projects. With His utmost entrepreneur skill and dedication, brilliantly design and maneuvering 10 division of Business Portfolio World Wide Program through His own vast PRIVATE WEALTH which enable Him creating an oasis of opportunities and new development to great business prosperity to the nation.

He offer for those who listen and understand Him and venture together in achieving His ultimate vision of creating a better world for everyone through economic restructure and investment for future humanitarian worldwide.

After more than 25 years of lifetime living in Europe and United States, He came back with prestigious plan to develop a World Class Industrial and Economic Nation here in Asia Region.

His Highness                            
Lord Kamal Ashnawi  (HH LKA)         
(Principle Owner / Founder)

To Establish AL HIRA As A Competitive Business Entity And To Excel In Undertaking Of All Aspect Businesses Diversity

Vision & Mission Statement

To Be A Multi-Discipline Corporate Entity Covering All Area In Business And Industry Sectors Domestic And International.

To Execute All Corporate Strategies In Acquiring Knowledge And Expertise Towards A New Level Of Corporate Exercise.

  • Professional Business

    To Establish A Professional Business Platform For High-Quality Fund Management, Investment Consultation And Project Executions.
  • Good Corporate Governance

    To Manage Effectively The Fund Utilizations And Project Executions In Compliance To The L.K.A. Standard And Good Corporate Governance.
  • Deliver

    To Deliver All Contractual Tasks And Activities As Scheduled Without Any Bureaucracy.
  • Efficent & Optimum

    To Accomplish Efficent And Optimum Investment Planning Concordance To Corporate Rules And Regulations Under L.K.A Standard.
Our Philosophy

AL HIRA GROUP is endeavouring its field of Funding Management, Business Development, Project Construction and become an active component to the industry, eyed on high impact project with dedicated and professional attitude towards achieving HH LKA Vision and Mission.

In order to materialise the truly project development of a highly impact HH LKA Vision in achieving integrity, loyalty and sincerity it must rest on the following criteria:

Our Core Values & Our Strategy

Our Strategy

To Plan And Execute All Business Strategies towards Achieving On One Single Target.

To Enable All Our Resources, Manpower And Financials To Bring A Desire Result Within Our Corporate Target.

Our Core Values
Our Business Approach

AL HIRA GROUP Business Approach is deployed in support of a Coherent Long-term Strategy and includes Operational Investments in the Construction Sector, High Impact Project Investments, and Private Equity.

Our underlying approach to investment is conservative with long-term goals, as well as local and international to diversify industries, markets, and sizes. Our creative engagement, our market insight, and our local presence and agility are qualities that set us apart.

Maintaining a majority share in most of its investments, ALHIRA GROUP maintains fund control of the companies, which helps take swift decisions and adapt to ever-evolving business activities and environment.

Benefiting from our own equity capital, AL HIRA GROUP is also able to react quickly to new opportunities but also works in partnership with a large network of investment partners, leveraging the relationships and its experienced management.

AL HIRA GROUP keeps monitoring long-term trends in the different fields to identify Emerging technologies that could have a positive impact on its profits and future business development.

A low angle greyscale shot of an airplane flying above high rise buildings
Investment Portfolio

AL HIRA GROUP promotes and invests in Space Age Technology such as Space Advance Technology, Bio-Technology, Electric and Electronic, Infrastructures, Power Utilities, Oil and Gas, Ports and Development of Renewable Energy, Promotes Green Technology Projects to create a huge impact on local economies.

Our Investments foster the instigate of local economies, competitiveness and employment. The effectiveness of such investments is assessed through both financial returns and social-economic impact.

Our upmost feature in designing, engineering and construction of our project creates green building awareness and value sustainability and environmental progressively throughout building lifecycle; planning, design, construction, monitoring and maintenance align to achieve a Green Nation by 2030

Organization & Management Structure

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